The 'project of the week' (Mid July 2007) has been to get APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) installed in my vehicle.

It works really well, and the sensitivity of the Deluo GPS Pro SiRF Star III receiver is surprising. I get 6 or more satellites 95+% of the time even when the module is being tested inside my house. The control module is the OpenTracker 1x from Argent Data Systems. I bought three in kit form.

The radio is the ICOM IC-25H in low power mode at 2 watts out to a Sinclair 5/8 mag-mount whip. The tracker gets it's power from the mic connector on the radio, which has 8.3 volts out on pin 2. The tracker and GPS pull about 58mA at 8.3 volts.

Radio: Pin 1 - Mic Audio, Pin 5 - PTT, Pin 6 - Gnd, Pin 7 - Audio Shield (if used)


Here is the version that I used of the Open Tracker+ configuration program. Check N1VG's site for latest info and documentation.

Adaptor Cables  Picture 28k

Tracker Kit Parts Picture 52k

Deluo GPS Module  Picture 42k


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